To be global leaders in innovative business solutions.

Mission Statement:
At Adonis Media, we engineer success for the future. Our powerful digital solutions resonate with businesses and nonprofits that want to grow and thrive. Our team of experts is committed to partnering with like-minded professionals across a wide range of industries who value superior digital design and marketing solutions. Through our dedication to offering customizable services that reflect our client-centered approach, we strive to reach our vision of positioning you to be the greatest in your field.

Integrity and Ethics
We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence with transparent communication that our clients can trust. Our moral compass guides us as we continue to adapt and grow to meet the demands of our clients.

Honesty and Respect
We believe the best work is accomplished honestly. The respect we show our team, our partners and our clients has a butterfly effect on the industry. We see ourselves as drivers of change.


Growth and Development
We are confident in our growth-driven approach to your success. It is one that reflects our own journey of consistent learning and development. Our innovative tools and techniques can be customized to suit your needs and accelerate your goals.



Since 2010, Adonis Media has been pushing the digital marketing envelope, delivering expertly designed innovative solutions for individuals and businesses around the world. Our focus on sustainable growth translates into a dependable, valued approach that supports our clients' future.

We are a team of like-minded experts specialising in the development of forward-thinking solutions that maximize revenue, lower costs and create sustainable growth for our clients. In short, our services are designed to facilitate your aspirations.  Whether you require an individual solution or a comprehensive suite of services, we'll be with you every step of the way to see that your vision is realised.


Leadership Team


Founder Derek Buntin created Adonis Media to raise the standard of digital solutions available to clients around the world. After 16+ years of experience as a professional coder, he brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to the field. While he firmly believes in the constant cycle of growth and development, his focus remains on the valuable success of his clients.


Kenny Hannah brings over 20 years of business management and personal development experience to Adonis Media. While his expertise lies in quality insurance, his creative approach to business and marketing lends itself to the success of the company. With a passion for radical innovation and a dedication to problem-solving, Kenny offers a uniquely modern technique which balances his traditional business values and professional ethos.


Decentralized Team

Adonis Media's success is measured by the positive impact on its clients and the strength of its support team.  We take great pride in our geographically diverse team of professionals who add to the depth and breadth of our knowledge and expertise.


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