Search engine marketing, also known as pay-per-click marketing or PPC, is when you purchase advertising space at the top of search engines for relevant keyword phrases. Every time your ad is clicked, you will pay a fee and have a new prospect on your website.

Even in the Inbound Age, Search Marketing Remains Strong

Paid search may seem like an unattractive option in the inbound age, but it shouldn’t. It offers control and visibility you often can’t achieve through organic search alone and, when done properly, it will increase conversions and grow your business.

Need proof that it still performs? Check out these statistics:

  • 85% of retailers report search marketing (including paid search) is the most effective tactic to acquire new customers.
  • 70% of agencies predict SEO budgets will increase this year.
  • Mobile search spending accounts for more than half the total of mobile advertising.

Put simply, paid search is still relevant. In fact, it’s essential for mobile search and still plays an important role in desktop search traffic as well.

With Adonis, Search Marketing Will Put You in the Right Place at the Right Time

If you aren’t sure if paid search is worthwhile, there are several reasons why you should utilise it as one of many marketing strategies:

  • You Pay for Clicks Only – Because you only pay for ad clicks, you will be able to see how your budget is being spent. This is great when you consider ads are often put online and you have no control over whether spending the money actually produces results.
  • You Control Your Budget – With PPC, you can set your daily budget and alter it whenever you need to.
  • You Can Target Your Audience – With paid search, you can control who you want to target and when through location targeting and other preferences.
  • You Can Enjoy Quick Results – Within just one day of beginning a campaign, you can see results. This is a stark contrast to SEO and offers a short-term solution until your organic results begin directing traffic to your site.
  • You Can Improve Organic SEO – The keywords you bid on can reveal a lot in terms of what your customers are looking for when they click your ads. This means PPC can inform your broader SEO strategy and help improve your marketing.

With our agency, your approach to paid search is simplified. We do it all to ensure you’re bidding on the correct keywords and phrases to drive results for your brand. This eliminates the wasted money that is all too common to search marketing and increases ROI on your investment.

By consistently monitoring your advertisements, we ensure those that are performing continue to do so and those that aren’t are either paused and revised or eliminated altogether.

Get Targeted Traffic Now With Search Marketing

Don’t wait for organic results to deliver; get instant results with search marketing! To get started or discuss your options, contact the team at Adonis Media, today!